Monday, January 09, 2017

Wrunning & Writing

There's two things I've never really enjoyed in my half lifespan of a life; writing and running. Somehow, I've nearly gotten over my distaste for running thanks to the downtown YMCA and this contraption called a Green Curve, a 'cool' treadmill that requires no electricity to function! As obvious as that might sound, it's an atypical treadmill in a world of plugs-in running machines. Check it out here: Woodway Green Curve

Better yet, you can try it out for yourself at the downtown YMCA for free and take a run/jog/walk on it. Be advised, while I'm not much of a runner or really a runner at all (I was a swimmer for much of my life; talk about a boring sport with limited year round training options!), it took me approx 10 sessions of running on the Green Curve to be able to let go of the rails and trust that this simple machine wasn't going to speed-up without me willing it to do so. Trust yourself I kept telling myself and ultimately, it payed off. Or did it pay out? Either way, confidence up, self doubt down. One small win realized. Now onto writing....... I find its something I spend a good bit of time doing, but the quality of it is generally lacking as it takes them form of a comment of Facebook or or some other website/blog that facilitates comments. So, in a quest to improve myself, and with this little win of running on a green treadmill under my feet, I'd like to give writing another try. To that end, I plan to re-start this little blog, which never really got a proper start even though it's almost a decade old and more importantly, I pledge to write one public letter to a local institution and/or governmental representative each month. This I think will bre the most challenging piece of writing as it will actually take a physical form and thus require more extensive editing than this blog and for certain more editing than an off-the-hip comment/post on Facebook. For me, I think, writing is a way to get back to a more structured life, after staying at home with kids (now 2.5 & 5.5) for the past 5! Years. It will probably prove useful in getting on track to go back into the teaching field after having spent the last 14 years out of it, after nearly a decade in the classroom.

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