Thursday, December 13, 2012

LESS Productions

LESS Productions (runs the largest mens homeless shelter in the state and harvests and refines their own WVO for use in an old school bus and VW pick-up

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Think about re-building streets in Cleveland like this one from Barcelona. A true multi-modal boulevard! A street like this one sends a message to humans that this street was made for bicycling! People of all ages and abilities feel safe riding a bicycle on an on-street facility such as the one shown. Consider how many wide, under utilized streets, many of them old street cars right-of-ways, we have in Cleveland and the inner ring suburbs. Examples such as W. 65, E. 79, E. 105, Clifton, Fairmount, Harvard/Denison, Lorain, Quincy, St. Clair, Union, and the list goes on.... We could initiate this process with very little funding, simply by reclaiming the old StreetCar R.O.W. for bicycles using widely available traffic control infrastructure like plastic bollards and parking blocks.