Monday, February 28, 2005

True Crosswalk

true walker empowerment. nothing pedestrian about it.

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thanks to mr. nemeth at brewedfreshdaily for this image.

this would certainly be useful at that funky intersection of fulton and bridge in ohio city.

seven year old birkies

seven year old birkies
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post seven years of intense use and nearly 6,000 miles of walking, and one resole later. these are the benchmark for all future shoe purchases. picked 'em up for $99 in a minneapolis shoestore. their replacements recently cost me nearly double at the shaker square everything birkenstock.
how much is seven years of dependable (and comfortable) service really worth??

Friday, February 04, 2005

my iPOD is better than you car stereo!!

Can you really DANCE in your car? Cuz I can get down in the streets or sidewalks. whatever it takes... in fact, I can keep on dancin right through the bus/train doors. while the train be movin, im groovin!

get out your damn car.....fool!