Wednesday, July 12, 2006

city cycles

To Whom It May Concern:

I have found a new project to put my energies into and it's been sitting under my cybernose this entire time!

I think it's about time Cleveland consider a policy like this one that requires bike parking at new/renovated construction in the city. If we cannot make our mind up about bikelanes, which certainly have their disadvantages (door-jams and broken glass to name a few), then perhaps we can do something about making cycling more convenient in the city! MORE PARKING. Bike parking can certainly masquerade as public art and can be locally designed and built, by vocational students no less!

Consider this evidence which proves the need for said legislation:

-25% of Clevelanders do not own a car
-All RTA mass transit vehicles are bicycle enabled
-With a bicycle a person can move 5X as fast and 5X as far with the same amount of energy when compared to walking
-Mobility = Economic Opportunity
-12 bicycles can fit into one carparking space

If 12 bikes fit into one parking space, I wonder what the ratio could be for eliminating car parking allotments with bike parking? 5 bike parking spots = one car parking spot? I'm sure developers could be persuaded. Car parking certainly isn't free! I've heard estimates at high at $8500 for surface lots! And that's only the upfront costs!

If you would like to help with this endeavor in pushing said legislation through City Council, drop me a line.


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